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Operated by Mauro,His student Dream to be a tourist agency chairman, graduated from Cairo University as an Egyptologist (in 2002) has been working as a tour leader, a tour operator in a great tourist companies for 6 years &a tour guide (Egyptologist) governmental licensed for 10 years, so that Pretty Egypt Tours has a great Experience for planning a family, Friends &groups tours, providing for you tours planning...



Client Review


Luigi Sacchi

I had a guided tour at the piramids and Cairo museum.
I was positively impressed of the kindness and professionality of the guide.


Rajiv Menon

Highly recommend them. My tour guide made the effort to understood my time constraints and yet gave me an awesome tour covering everything on my bucket list. He is a good photographer as well and I learned a trick or two from my guide.


Darren MacDonald

I definitely recommend Pretty Eqypt Tours. It was a fun experience to see Cairo and experience the culture of this amazing city. The tour guide was passionate and friendly. You won't go wrong with this selection.

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